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Custom HUD Icon

This will add a custom HUD icon to the game using BeardLib's HUDIconModule, mainly to use for custom special equipment, waypoints or maybe other purposes.


  • hudiconstweakdata.lua

  • XML structure

    XML (Custom XML)
    <hudicon id="" texture=""/>

    Put the hudicon tag inside your level tag in your main.xml file to make sure it's only loaded when playing your heist:

    XML (Custom XML)
    <level ...> <hudicon .../> </level>

    Add addional hudicon tags if you need more icons:

    XML (Custom XML)
    <level ...> <hudicon .../> <hudicon .../> <hudicon .../> </level>

    If you add your lootbag using Beardlib's XML Module, the tag needs to be written like this:

    XML (Custom XML)
    <HUDIcon id="" texture=""/>



    The ID for your hud icon. Has to be unique.



    The path to your texture file. Needs to be added via AddFiles first.

    *HUD icons for special equipment are always 32x32 pixels.

    Special Equipment Template Texture



    Table with pixel coordinates for atlas textures with multiple icons in one texture file.

    Has 4 value_node tags nested.

    XML (Custom XML)
    <hudicon id="" texture=""> <texture_rect> <value_node value=" Starting pixel on X axis "/> <value_node value=" Starting pixel on Y axis "/> <value_node value=" Width in pixels "/> <value_node value=" height in pixels "/> </texture_rect> </hudicon>